The Eastern Utah County Coalition for the Development of Oil and Gas Infrastructure
by John Weisheit
Proposal by public servants using public funds for corporate aid
Bishop Lands Bill - Citizens Meeting
by Chris Baird
Maps and Support Materials for the Bishop Lands Bill Citizens Meeting
Development of Groundwater Management Plan for Moab and Spanish Valley
by John Weisheit
State, county and city managers begin a process to avoid conflicts over water between Grand and San Juan Counties
Enviromental Impact Statement on Grazing for Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
by David deRoulhac
Scoping Period and Field Trips for Citizens Begin on November 7th
Proposed Anadarko Oil & Gas Development of the Book Cliffs in Grand County
by John Weisheit
SITLA and Anadarko announce possible oil and gas development in roadless wilderness and wildlife area
Update: Rocky Mountain Goat Introduction to the La Sal Mountains
by Mary O'Brien
How to get involved in the process
Green River Potash Project
by john
Proposal to extract potash near Spring Canyon on the rim of Labyrinth Canyon
Green River Refinery Proposed
by John Weisheit
Refinery will process unconventional oil for land and air transportation fuels
Proposed Utah Public Lands Exchange for Wilderness and Mineral Extraction
by John Weisheit
K2O Potash, San Juan County and SITLA propose land exchange and Congreesman Rob Bishop takes the lead
Formal Protest: February 2013 Oil and Gas Lease Sale
by Laurel Hagen
CWC filed a formal protest of certain parcels in the BLM's 2013 oil and gas lease sale
Feb 2013 Oil and Gas Lease Sale near Moab: EA Released
by Laurel Hagen
An update on the BLM's proposed oil and gas lease sale, including parcels near Moab
Utah passes a new fracking disclosure rule
by Laurel Hagen
the Board of the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining passed a new rule requiring that an oil company using “fracking” in drilling practices must publicly disclose the chemicals used
Proposed Pinyon Ridge Uranium Mill at Paradox Valley
by John Weisheit
Public meetings and comment period now open until November 12, 2012
Danish Flats
by John Weisheit
Compilation of documents related to fracking fluids evaporating in ponds in Grand County
Westwater Farms Redux
by John Weisheit
WWF to drill new injection well for fracking fluids and seek a disharge permit for irrigation
BLM's February 2013 Oil and Gas Lease Sale
by John Weisheit
Inappropriate oil and gas drilling will impair water and air quality in the Canyon Country District
Proposal by K2O, Inc. for Potash Mining near Hatch Point
by John Weisheit
Oil, Gas and Potash development encroaches upon Canyonlands National Park and Canyon Rims Recreation Area
Redux of the Long Canyon Pump Back Project
by John Weisheit
A hydro electric project proposed by Utah Independent Power, Inc. in Grand County, Utah
State of Utah New Water Legislation Review
by Laurel Hagen
The Utah State Legislature recently concluded its 2012 session. Here's a brief and informal review of new legislation affecting water and irrigation.
Master Leasing Plan: Amendments to Moab and Monticello Resource Management Plans
by John Weisheit
EIS for the leasing of parcels for oil, gas and potash