Document archive to help local citizens understand the complexities of watershed stewardship
by John Weisheit
A list of helpful documents to manage water resources
Green Infrastructure Tour recap
by Jeff Adams
Green Infrastructure (GI) incorporate natural systems and biological process into stormwater management. GI is being used around the country to achieve water quality and other ecosystem benefits in conjunction with conventional s
Be Water Wise
by Sharon Sullivan, Moab Sun News
Would you like to do more with less – watering, that is? If so, you might want to attend a free workshop that offers demonstrations on how to harvest and conserve water
Greywater system pilot projects now underway in Moab
by Molly Marcello, The Times Independent
After a years-long collaboration between state regulators, permaculture designers, and homeowners, the first gravity-fed graywater system in Utah was recently permitted at the Moab home of Dr. Roslynn Brain.