2010 - A Renewable Deal for the United States. Lance Christie.



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CWC supports the six principles of the steady state economy as detailed by Herman Daly, and summarized here:

  • 1. Renewable resources: harvest rates should equal regeneration rates (sustained yield).
  • 2. Waste emission rates should equal the natural assimilative capacities of the ecosystems into which the waste are emitted.
  • 3. Maintain natural and manmade capital intact at the optimal level. (Principles 1 and 2 accomplish this for natural capital.)
  • 4. Investment in the exploitation of a nonrenewable resource should be paired with a compensating investment in a renewable substitute.
  • 5. Emphasize technologies that increase resource productivity (development), the amount of value extracted per unit of resource, rather than technologies for increasing the resource throughput itself (growth).
  • 6. Limit the total scale of resource throughput to ensure that the scale of the economy (population times per capita resource use) is within the carrying capacity of the region, avoiding capital consumption.